I am a recent graduate actively looking for a User Experience Designer position. I am curious about the digital world and everyday things and want to learn and contribute more.


Stanford University - Coursera

Human Computer Interaction (studio-track)

Sep 2012 - Nov 2012 | Stanford, CA

University of California, Santa Cruz

Usability and Web Design Certification

Oct 2012 - Present | San Francisco Bay Area

State University of New York at Buffalo

Masters in Architectural Design

Aug 2010 - Sep 2012 | Buffalo, New York

G.P.A - 3.7/4.0

Major - Architectural Design

Minor - HCI

Birla Institute of Technology, India

Bachelor in Architectural Design

July 2004 - May 2009 | India

G.P.A. - 3.8/4.0


Netwoven, Inc

Business Analyst

Sep 2013 - Present | San Francisco Bay Area

Swanke Hayden Connell Architects


June 2011 - Present | Washington D.C.


  • Performed user research to analyze user problems and opportunities for improvement for ADA compliance in 212 facilities in Washington DC.
  • Translated the survey results into visual brochures and posters for the District of Columbia Department of Real Estate Services (DRES) using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In-Design.      


Urban Design Project, The State University of New York at Buffalo

Research Assistant

Feb 2011 - May 2012 | Buffalo, New York

  • Participated in user analysis and survey research to get various demographic data about Buffalo, NY.
  • Created info-graphs to represent site, demographic, traffic and usage data of Gates Circle, Buffalo, NY using Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.  

State University of New York at Buffalo

Teaching Assistant

May 2011 - May 2012 | Buffalo, New York

  • Assisted students in coursework for lighting, acoustics and HVAC in buildings.
  • Updated the course website with course materials, assignments and grades.

Raj Rewal Associates, New Delhi, India

Consultant Architect

Jan 2009 - May 2010 | New Delhi, India

  • Created 3D visualization models and design " owcharts.
  • Analyzed and created info graphs of user requirement for institutional campuses.

Related Professional Work

Independent Projects/Free Lancing

  • Designed UI for educational website:  http://knowledgebin.org
  • Worked with a developer friend on a project that curates deals for users: AREA 42 deals
  • Work in progress for the redesign of Bay Area Driving School.
  • Work in progress for the re-design of Craigslist.

Habitat for Humanity, Buffalo Chapter

Student Volunteer, May 2011  

  • Contributed in building three low-cost, affordable houses in Fox Street, Buffalo.



Adobe CS 5 - Photoshop, In Design, Illustrator, Fireworks

Expert with 8 years of experience.

Last used: 2013

Balsamiq, Omnigraffle, Axure

Proficient with 1 years of experience.

Last used: 2012


Proficient with 1 years of experience.

Last used: 2013


Expert with 8 years of experience.

Last used: 2012


Proficient with 3 years of experience.

Last used: 2012

Sketch up Pro 8.0

Expert with 7 years of experience.

Last used: 2012


Intermediate with 2 years of experience.

Last used: 2011


A paper on ABACUS [ISSN: 0973 – 8339] an international refereed architectural journal on topic: Thesis Dissertation on Interstate Bus Terminus.

Architectural Projects

WASTE: resource for architecture 

Graduate thesis on addressing the issue of waste that is being produced in millions of tons globally by transforming the waste into a building material or a building component.    


Off-the-Grid Housing

 Designed an “off-the-grid” housing complex at Hunter’s Point, Queens, New York.   


 Net Zero Office Building  

Participated in the 2nd Annual Brickstainable Design Competition presented by Potomac Valley Brick (www.brickstainable.com/). The main aim of the competition was to design an environmentally responsible office building and to achieve a net-zero energy solution using brick or any brick-based application as a key building material.   


Urban Renewal of Abandoned Street   

Member of the winning design proposal team for the Urban Renewal of the Niagara Street, Buffalo, New York.   


Inter-State Bus Terminus  

 Undergraduate thesis on analyzing the inter-state and intercity bus traffic in Ranchi, India followed by a design proposal of an Inter-state Bus Terminus in the heart of the city.


Leadership Qualities


  • Student Fundraiser at RuffaloCODY, State University of New York at Buffalo.  
  • Active member of the Graduate Student Association at SUNY, Buffalo.  
  • Department Representative for the Indian Student Association at SUNY, Buffalo.  
  • Unit Coordinator of B.I.T., Mesra which organized Zonal Association of Students of Architecture Convention (ZONASA).  
  • Training and Placement Cell’s Coordinator of Architecture Department, B.I.T. Mesra.  
  • Vice President of Fine Art Society of B.I.T. Mesra.  
  • Joint Secretary of the Student Society of Architecture and Photographic Society, B.I.T. Mesra.